January 3, 2022


When meeting with clients who have contemplated “Downsizing” (we prefer “Rightsizing), we ask them a couple of questions. If you could do anything starting tomorrow, what would you want to do? What are a couple things you’ve always wanted to do, but never made time for? These are personal decisions that you have to make, not your real estate agent, not your healthcare provider, nor your adult children. If you have made the decision to move into a more conveniently sized home, you’ll undoubtedly need to eliminate some “stuff”. It’s not an easy process, so take your time. Remember that you didn’t accumulate everything overnight. If an item makes you smile whenever you see it, keep it. If you’re not going to replace it if it disappeared tomorrow, it’s probably not worth keeping. Only you can decide what’s really important. Give us a call or text us at (520) 668-5037 if you have any questions or if we can be of service to address your real estate needs and options.

#Moving Advice

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